Do Salt Lamps Have Magical Powers? We think so!

Do Salt Lamps Really Work?

When looking to buy your first Pink Himalayan rock salt lamp, you may have a few questions, from the range of colors to the correct size for your room. The big one, of course, is do salt lamps really work?

Salt lamps work in so many ways:

-They are multifaceted and gorgeous accents, and help create an inviting atmosphere in every space they are used. Each rock salt lamp is a unique and hand-carved sculpture, an object of pure beauty. When used as a light source, your lamp will lend a soft amber glow to make any room or office space feel peaceful and soothing.

-Chromotherapy, or color therapy, correlates the color pink with the heart chakra and practitioners believe that exposure to the color will positively increase energy concerning love, joy, and compassion.

-As a deionizer - when the bulb heats up, the pink rock salt lamp emits negative ions through the chemical process of evaporation. Negative ions help purify the air by neutralizing positive ions, which may include certain allergens and electromagnetic radiation.

There have been numerous studies done to show the detrimental effects of positive ion pollution in our environments. Positive ions are emitted by electronic devices, HVAC systems, Wi-fi signals and phones. These technological advances have made our lives infinitely easier, but our bodies are not equipped to deal with the onslaught of radiation and pollution that comes with them. Positive ions are thought to cause a whole host of health issues, from attention disorders to disrupted sleep. Because of the heavy amount of positive ions in our environment it is good to have a constant flow of negative ions. Using at least one rock salt lamp per room, especially in ones where there is heavy electronic usage can make a huge difference in the "feeling" of your home and in your loved ones, too, even your pets!

Do salt lamps really work?

In our opinion, yes!  In addition to being beautiful and soothing, they can make a positive impact on your mood and health!

Try one for yourself and see the difference a pure, organic, rock salt lamp can make for you!

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