Do Salt Lamps Have Magical Powers? We think so!

Meditate with a Salt Lamp

Pure Relaxation: Meditate with a Salt Lamp

Has winter gotten you down? Feeling stressed and in desperate need of some TLC? Negative ions might be just what you need! They are found outdoors in natural places like oceans, mountains, near waterfalls, and abundantly in the air after it rains. Negative ions are amazing at refreshing the mind, body and spirit. Ever wonder why you feel so energized after it rains, or so blissed out after spending a day at the beach? That's because you got a major dose of negative ions and they worked wonders on your psyche, increasing uptake of oxygen to your brain, decreasing anxiety, and increasing focus. Until science finds a way to replicate and bottle these environments, using a pure Himalayan salt lamp is the most natural, ecological, and affordable alternative to a mountain or seaside retreat.

Say Om!

Meditation is a proven way to both relax and restore the body and mind while cutting down on stress, anxiety, and other health problems like hypertension and insomnia. When you meditate with a pure Himalayan salt lamp, you are not only treated to all the benefits that negative ions have on your body like decreased allergy symptoms, improved respiration, and increased focus, but you also get to bask in the soothing glow of beautiful pink Himalayan salt. The soothing light mimics natural firelight, and makes a safe alternative to candles, allowing you to both focus and relax deeply to get the most out of your mediation session. More effective mediation means more effective you, and who doesn’t want that?

Are the Salt Lamp Benefits Overrated?

It’s truly a subjective question, but salt lamp owners rave about how their salt lamps make a wonderful addition to their homes, greatly enriching their mental and in turn physical health. Science is just starting to discover how deep the mind-body connection goes, with a great deal of research still to be made. Good health starts with the mind, and using a pure Himalayan salt lamp to get the most out of your meditation sessions is one great, and gorgeous way to aid your well-being.

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