Do Salt Lamps Have Magical Powers? We think so!

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps--Do They Work?

How Do Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps Work? 

When looking for an effective deionizer for your home, you may have a lot of questions, especially when researching a newer product like a pink Himalayan salt lamp. When shopping for salt lamps, the number one question asked is about Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps--do they work to purify the air and, if so, how? Are there any health benefits? What difference does the salt make?Just why does Pink Himalayan salt make the best salt lamp? Pink Himalayan salt is the purest salt in the world. It is an ancient, mineral rich salt sourced from deep underground, and has been protected from effects of environmental pollution since the Jurassic period. It has been hand-mined for thousands of years without any explosive devices or machinery from in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. Pink Himalayan salt has been treasured for ages its miraculous health effects, and was even used in trade as currency. People also noticed that workers who labored in the salt mines had remarkable health, even though they worked deep underground, where there is a lower supply of oxygen, and were happy and joyful; pretty soon this was attributed to properties of the salt, and visiting the salt stores became a health treatment for a number of ailments, including fatigue, circulatory and respiratory problems,

We now know that salt emits negative ions into the environment when heated. These negative ions can cause an instant elevation in mood in a percentage of the population, and also help carry more oxygen to the brain. They also help counteract the positively charged particles floating in our environment that are caused by electronic pollution, cell phone radiation, and even certain types of mold and bacteria that trigger allergies. Just breathing in negative ions is purported to help increase focus and attention, alleviate breathing problems, reduce anxiety, eliminate sleep disorders like insomnia, and some salt lamp owners report they no longer snore when they use a salt lamp as a nightlight!

What other places can I use a Himalayan salt lamp--do they work in the office? Besides the health benefits, the beautiful pink and orange light they cast makes any room a calming and comforting place. Having one on your desk at work will help neutralize the harmful impact of your computer and other electronic devices, while boosting your mood and helping increase your attention span.

No matter where they’re used, Pink Himalayan salt lamps work: for your health, for your mood, for your life. Who knew something so negative could be so positive!

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