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The Best Salt Lamp: Benefits of a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp vs Other Salt Lamps

The Best Salt Lamps Are Made From Pink Himalayan Salt

What makes Pink Himalayan salt different from other salts?

Pink Himalayan salt is an attention getter. Even without seeing it, the name itself conjures visions of a faraway mountain landscape, a comforting color, a different world. And when you see it, in rock form or even in small crystals for consumption, you can tell it’s no ordinary substance.

There is a world of difference between Pink Himalayan salt and other sea salts, and it goes far beyond color. Pink Himalayan salt is possibly the purest salt in the world. It was formed 250 million years ago during the Jurassic period and has been sheltered underground since, deep in a pocket of the earth under the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan. It is unadulterated; hand-mined for thousands of years, and treasured for as long.
The past few years there have seen a great surge of interest in Pink Himalayan salt for culinary and health purposes, and salt lamps have grown in popularity.

When comparing a Himalayan salt lamp vs sea salt lamp it is important to consider all aspects of the lamps, from health to aesthetics. Pink Himalayan salt has untold benefits, holding over 80 vitamins and minerals and trace elements, which have been untouched by pollution and time. Most other sea salts on the market are harvested from modern oceans, and while they have beneficial nutrients, they also contain pollution and toxins. When heated, it is unknown how many toxins are released into the air, and in what concentration, and how they affect the health of the people that breathe them in.

We know the benefits of the negative ions released by salt lamps, but if they come with a cost (in the form of toxins and chemicals), are they truly worth it? With a Pink Himalayan salt lamp, there is no question of what you’re getting. You’re getting a gorgeously colored lamp that is ecologically and ethically sourced. You’re getting an unadulterated product you can breathe easy around. You're getting an object of pure beauty, like nothing else in the world.

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