Do Salt Lamps Have Magical Powers? We think so!

The Many Benefits of Salt Lamps #2: Ionic Powerhouses

Each Pink Himalayan rock salt lamp is a beautiful, unique and sculptural asset to any room it is put in, but salt lamps are also the most effective and natural ionic devices you can find outside of nature.


What is an Ion?

An ion is a charged particle and carries a positive or negative number of electrons. Ions want to balance their charges and will gravitate toward other charged particles, effectively neutralizing each other as they are balanced. Negative ions are found in natural areas like the ocean, rural areas, waterfalls, and in sunlight and rain. They help purify the air and are beneficial to people, and are thought to help relieve respiratory ailments, sleep disorders, and situational depression along with other health issues. Positive ions are like pollutants for our brains and minds and are thought to contribute to attention and sleep disorders, and a whole host of other health problems. They are created by electronic pollution, radiation from cell phone towers, and viruses, fungi and other pathogens. Positive ion levels are also incredibly concentrated in urban populations. It is very hard to avoid positive ions, so it is important to have a source of negative ions to combat the positive ion infiltration in your indoor environments.


What makes a Pink Himalayan Rock Salt lamp ionic?

Salt is an ionic substance and it is also hygroscopic, which means it pulls water from its environment. When lit, your pink Himalayan rock salt lamp becomes heated and the water drawn into the salt is released through evaporation. In the process, negative ions are also released and they will automatically bind to the first positive ions they meet.

Having a Himalayan rock salt lamp lit in rooms where there is heavy positive ionic pollution- like an office or a rec room is a great, natural and organic way to purify the air, increase focus, and may even help you breathe easier. Negative ions help bring more oxygen to the brain when they are breathed in, instantly uplifting, relieving anxiety and creating calm. When used as a night light, the soft pink glow will both soothe and release a steady stream of ions which may help relieve insomnia and sleep interruptions.

Pink Himalayan rock salt lamps are both gorgeous and completely natural ionizers. They are ethically and environmentally sourced and are truly illuminating no matter where they are used. The moment your pink salt lamp is lit, you’ll see why!

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