Do Salt Lamps Have Magical Powers? We think so!

Why You Should Use a Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp as Night Light

Why Every Home Should Have A Himalayan Salt Night Light

Not many people know about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, but their popularity grows each year as more and more information is uncovered regarding the positive effects of using a salt lamp. A salt lamp is exactly what it sounds like. It is a chunk of salt surrounding a light bulb that creates a mild, pleasant glow, much like an ordinary night light. However, a Himalayan salt night light has much more to offer.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Produce Negative Ions

One of the greatest benefits of using a Himalayan salt night light is the production of negative ions. Negative ions occur all throughout nature and have the ability to make you feel rejuvenated. This is especially important in today’s world, where we live, day in and day out, among mostly positive ions. The reason we live alongside so many positive ions is because of our lifestyle. Electronic devices, which have become more commonly used than ever before, produce positive ions. As you watch television, clean your home with an electronic appliance, or even cook your food, you are creating positive ions.

An overabundance of positive ions can actually effect your health by disrupting sleep patterns and enhancing anxiety. These positive ions are not so bad, as long as they exist alongside negative ions. When negative ions are introduced in the home, they fuse with the positive ions and help to actually clean the air within the home. This is an effect that occurs in nature. However, when the doors and windows of a home remain closed, and electronic devices are in use, it creates an environment that is contrary to nature.

How Do Himalayan Salt Night Lights Work?

Negative ions occur when water evaporates. In nature, a thunderstorm is one of the greatest producers of negative ions, which is why many people feel good after it rains. The air is as fresh as it can be. With that in mind, salt naturally attracts water molecules. This water rests on the surface of the lamp and evaporates when the heat of the light bulb reaches a certain temperature. A Himalayan salt lamp mimics the way a rain cloud forms in nature, but on a much smaller scale.

Pink Himalayan Salt Vs. Other Types

At only the best Himalayan salt lamps are sold. And what are the best salt lamps? When compared to other types of lamps, the Himalayan pink salt lamp offers the most benefits. Pink salt is rich in nutrients and has been used medically for years. Himalayan pink salt inhalers help with asthma because they naturally filter mold and dust, so imagine what a pink salt lamp can do for your home. Himalayan pink salt night lights can reduce mold and allergen levels in the home and even help with pet dander.

The benefits of a Himalayan pink salt lamp are numerous and have been proven time and again. If you have any question or concerns about the positive ions in your home, let be your guide to a healthy and balanced life style.

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