Do Salt Lamps Have Magical Powers? We think so!

About Us

Salt Lamp Imports is a direct importer of the highest quality Pink Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps from the foothills of the Himalaya mountains. Although referred to in the popular press by many names, such as Tibetan Salt Lamps, Orange Salt Lamps, and Rock Salt Lamps, the base material is Pink Himalayan Salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt is the purest form of salt in the world. It has remained untouched by man or environmental exposure for eons in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. This is not the same as table salt, or Dead Sea salt. Pink Himalayan Salt dates back to the days when the Himalayan foothills were underwater in the sea. It is very old and very pure and has innumerable healing qualities.

The benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps are too numerous to make a complete list, in fact there is no way to know all of the benefits of this precious mineral. But some of the most commonly known benefits are related to the production of negative ions when heated. Negative ionic charges in the atmosphere are reported to fight insomnia; help with the flow of creative energy; reduce seasonal affective disorder; depression, and anxiety; and improve focus. Homes and rooms with a large number of electronic devices have an environment filled with “electrosmog” and the negative ionic charges produced by Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps help reduce the negative effects of the positive ionic charges these electronic devices produce.

To learn more about the benefits of salt lamps, please browse our site. It is suggested that every room in your house have a salt lamp to create an environment for maximum health, clarity, and happiness.